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Multi-Language Database

We are about to purchase a few copies of this program, and I was wondering if you could address the following issues:

1) When initially creating the tables in SQL server displays an error that "the parameter is incorrect", although it appears that the tables are actually created if you hit the back button a couple of times and retry.

2) I really need the ability to add text columns that may contain NULL values. Currently, when I attempt this I get an error "Conversion from type 'DBNull' to type 'String' is not valid. After this happens, I see an error dialog "error in InitMainTable" and the program is locked up at that point. I have to manually go into the mldbColumns table and manually remove that column in order to get out of this.

3) It would be nice if the "File" menu's list of previous connections identified the connection by both hostname AND database name.




I'm on vacation at present and will be back home on the 13th September. After that I am sure that I can fix these problems.

Multi-Language Database uses a fairly old grid component which requires a license. In the medium term, I plan to replace this with the DataViewGrid component from Microsoft. After that, I would consider letting you have the source code.


That would be great. We intend to use this as a quick solution to implment a multi-language version of some existing databases. We already have a fairly extensive editor application for these databases, so I eventually wanted to roll the multi-langage capabilities of your application into this one.