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Microsoft Translator


I have just uploaded a new version of the VB6 Add-In with support for the Microsoft Translator.

There is a separate link on the download page for this version (6.03.0000), because it is really still a beta version. In particular, I am not sure whether the setup program correctly installs the necessary components.

The implementation is more or less the same as in the .NET Add-In. At present, the best documentation is in the forum for the .NET Add-In.

As in the .NET Add-In, I have added a Status to each translation, and set the background colour to indicate the status. Automatic translations have a pale red background. You can change the status via the context menu. You can also set the status to "edited" with Shift-Enter. (It's Alt-Enter in the .NET Add-In, but that didn't work with the grid in the VB6 Add-In.)

The purpose of changing the status is simply to mark an automatic translation as OK.

I have found the web service support under VB6 (using MSSOAP30) to be a bit unreliable. Several times it has stopped working for no apparent reason, and then started working again later. This may have something to do with using the debugger (for the Add-In), or it might be a more general problem.



The version with support for the Microsoft Translator is now the current version (i.e. it is no longer a beta version). It is still not described in the help filesad.

I have also made some changes to the installation, in particular for Windows Vista.