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Problems with asiatic languages OS ?

Hello everyone,
i'm using the Multi-Language Add-In for VB6 to allow my VB6 application work in Italian or in English.
Now I have the need to instal the application on Windows versions in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc... but the application languages must remain just Italian or English as it works in my european installations.

I'm just wondering if i could have any problems on those systems or should I do something specific in my program in order to allow it work on "Asiatic Windows".

Thank you very much



can you please take a look at this article:

(You can also access it via the articles menu at the top of the web page.)

Sorry, the screenshots are very old, but I think the basic principle is unchanged with newer versions of windows. Basically, what you need to do it to go to the regional settings in the control panel and change the "default language for non unicode programs". You may have to install some additional fonts from the Windows CD.

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