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Same ID, different strings

Somehow my database has gotten a little bit out of sync. I have a rather large project and I've noticed that some of the records have the same ID, but different strings. I've tried to do an "Advanced Copy", but it doesn't solve the issue because of the different strings sharing the same ID issue.

Is there a way to fix this?

I've attached an image that shows the issue.


This is an annoying effect. I ought to try to fix it automatically.

This is what I think has happened.

You have an array of commands in some kind of menu or toolbar (I can't see exactly what it is). The elements in the array are Commands(1), Commands(2) etc.

You have inserted a new element into the middle of the array, so that elements closer to the end of the array have been renumbered. Thus, the element which was previously Commands(23) is now Commands(24). Unfortunately, the Add-In still associates the text with Commands(23). This is fairly clear to see in the screenshot.

There are two parts to fixing this problem, but I am afraid that you have to do them by hand:

  • Locate where the problem occurs
  • Reassign the correct string ID

You can find where the problem occurs by using the command "Go to next conflict" from the context menu.

You can fix it by selecting the command "Select a different string ID" from the context menu. This brings up a list of all string IDs in the project. Initially, it is sorted by string ID (which is probably stupid). If you click on the header of the text column, it will be sorted by text, which makes it much easier to find the correct text.

With a bit of thought, I might be able to find a way to handle this

I hope that this helps,