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Always re-scan when opening project?

When I open a project, how do I open the add-in and continue working, without having to-rescan the whole project every time? This takes forever, and I don't want to wait every time... thanks.





I just wrote a detailed reply with screenshots from the .NET Add-In, before I realized that this question was about the VB6 Add-In. I have deleted this posting, but you may have received an email notification.

You can disable the scan in the VB6 Add-In via the project properties dialog.

Click on the project properties button
and then uncheck the two options Always rescan source code and Always rescan controls.

The next time that you open the project, the information will be restored from the project database. (Unfortunately, even this is not as fast as I would have hoped.) You can rescan one or more components via the rescan menu (first button on the toolbar).

There is no way to reach the project options without opening the project and rescanning at least once. (This is better in the .NET Add-In.)


Thanks Phil - that was exactly what I was looking for. That's resolved the only painful feature I'd found in your product - otherwise it works exactly as I had hoped and will save us a huge amount of time in maintaining translated text.