AODL - An Open Document Library

Starting with version 4.52.0000, the Multi-Language Add-In for Visual Studio .NET allows you to export texts to a spreadsheet in the OpenDocument .ods format, and of course to import texts from a modified copy of the spreadsheet.

To read and write files in the OpenDocument format, the Add-In uses AODL, which is part of The OpenOffice.org ODF Toolkit Project.

AODL is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License. A copy of the license is included in the file License_For_AODL.txt which is installed with the Add-In.

Some minor modifications have been made to the AODL. The modified library is named aodl_ml.dll. You can download the modified source code in the zip file http://www.jollans.com/aodl_ml.zip.

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