End User License Agreement

Softwarebüro Jollans grants you a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use the software Multi-Language for the purpose of software localization.

Types of license

The software can be used:

  • In evaluation mode without a license key
  • With a single user license
  • With a company license

In evaluation mode, the software has limited functionality. You may use the evaluation version on any number of computers and without time limit.

The software may be used with a single user license by one user only.

A company license is registered to a company or a department within a company, based on the number of software developers in the company or department. The maximum number of software developers in the company or department will be specified as part of the company license.

The software may be used with a company license within the registered company or department, providing the maximum number of software developers in the company or department is not exceeded.


You may not reverse engineer the software.

You may not use the full functionality of the software without purchasing a license.

Online translation

The software makes use of online translation services provided by third parties.

Softwarebüro Jollans provides no guarantee regarding:

  • The availability of the online translation services
  • The quality and usability of the translations provided by these services

You may use the online translation services exclusively for the purpose of software localization.

You may not retain translations generated by the online translation services for the purpose of training or improving a machine translation system.

Dependency on Visual Studio

Multi-Language is an extension for Microsoft Visual Studio. Each User of Multi-Language must have a legal version of Microsoft Visual Studio.

A license for Multi-Language is not a license for Microsoft Visual Studio.

Disclaimer of warranty

The Software is provided "as is" and without warranty of any kind.

Softwarebüro Jollans does not guarantee that Multi-Language will work with any specific version of Microsoft Visual Studio, in particular with future versions or versions with limited functionality (so called “express” versions).

Softwarebüro Jollans is not responsible for damages or losses resulting from the use of Multi-Language.

Intellectual Property

The software is licensed and not sold.

Softwarebüro Jollans owns the copyright for the software, with the exception of some software functions and libraries provided by third parties.

Data collection

Multi-Language does not collect information about your usage of the software except in a log file on the local computer.


This End User License Agreement (EULA) is governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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