Multi-Language Database

General Description

Have you ever created a foreign language version of your application. but found that some strings were still displayed in the original language, because these strings were read from a database? If so, the Multi-Language Database may solve your problem.

Multi-Language Database adds support for multiple languages to your database, without making any changes to the existing tables. It does so, by adding four additional tables which store information about the fields to be translated and store the actual texts in multiple languages.

You can use the foreign language texts either:

  • by copying the texts in a specific language into your original database tables or
  • by defining views to retrieve the texts from the Multi Language Database tables
A typical screenshot of the Multi-Language Database Application, in which you can edit database texts in multiple languages.

Multi-Language Database is a fairly new program, with potential for further development. It contains only a limited set of features and supports Access and SQL server databases. Oracle support could be added if required.

Let me know if you have any feature requests for this program.

This application requires:

  • the .NET runtime environment
  • MDAC version 2.7

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