World Resource String Editor

General Description

The World Resource String Editor is an Add-In for Visual Basic 6, with the capability to edit resource strings in the project's resource file.

The following screenshot shows the World Resource String Editor tool window in Visual Basic 6.

The World Resource String Editor offers the following features, not available with the standard resource editor provided with Visual Basic.

Support for non western languages

The grid editor provides full support for non western languages.

Input Method Editor support

All versions of Windows since Windows 2000 provide support for entering Chinese, Japanese and Korean text using an Input Method Editor (IME). The IME is fully supported in the grid editor in the World Resource String Editor.

Excel Export and Import

The World Resource String Editor is able to export the string resources to an Excel file. The strings may then be edited using Microsoft Excel and then imported back into the resource file. This is a convenient way to give the resource strings used in your project to a translator.

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