General localization issues

General localization issues

Major problem merging feature branches


we have spotted a problem working with your tool in a version controlled environment.
We are often working on tools simultaneously, fixing problems and develop new features in designated branches. That includes translating new strings in those branches.

When we merge those branches back into trunk or into other branches, we sometimes face index conflicts in RESX files.

Is there a chance that you use UUIDs instead of upcounting numbers in the near future?

All the best,


Hello Florian,

you have given me a difficult problem to think about. I don't think I want to use UUIDs, although it ought to be a workable solution.

It would be a pretty serious change to the Add-In, and I don't really like the idea of using UUIDs in all calls to ml_string(). My gut feeling is also, that most users would find it slightly irritating as well.

However, I must admit, that I haven't yet got a better idea.

Nevertheless, I do think that this is important. I personally work with branches more and more often, and regularly use automatic merging tools (specifically using Subversion). I see this becoming more important in the future, so I would really like to find a good solution.

I will reply again, when I have a strategy.