Multi-Language Add-In for VB6

Multi-Language Add-In for VB6

what to do for deployment


I'm trying to deploy my app made with add-in version 6.3.06
On my computer (on which the addin is intalled) it works.
On other computer it doesn't (error 429 Le composant ActiveX ne peut pas créer l'objet)

I've found this to typically be a missing ocx or dll.

What the necssary files to join so I can deploy my app?
Do I need to do something in the registry?



Hi Marc

you probably need to distribute the component MlRuntime.dll.

You should find a copy of this file in the directory
c:\Program Files\MultiLang\Redistributable

(Program Files might be localized, but so far as I know it is also called Program Files on French systems.)

You will also have to register this component with RegSvr32, or get your installation program to do this.

Best regards

it worked just rigth