Multi-Language Add-In for Visual Basic 6

Update History




11 April 2015
  • Fix incorrect icons in context menus
10 November 2014
  • Use newly compiled versions of VBAccelerator components SubTimer and PopupMenu.
2 November 2014
  • Use a newly compiled version of the VBAccelerator image list to avoid an incompatibility with another version of this component.
18 May 2014
  • Another attempt to fix problems loading the Add-In, which I think are associated with new versions of Microsoft Office. All drop down and context menus, which were previously implemented as Office-Menus are now implemented using the vbAccelerator popup menu classes.
5 May 2013
  • Minor additional error checking.
27 August 2012
  • Modified error handling on initializing context menus. This is an attempt to fix a problem loading the Add-In on some systems, probably related to some combination of Windows 7, 64 Bit Systems and Office 2010.
7 February 2012
  • New command in the runtime support menu to regenerate the function ml_UpdateControls() for the current component.
  • Updated template file for (3-Worksheet) Excel Export, compatible with Office 2010 64Bit versions.
18 September 2011
  • Bug fix showing proxy dialog for Microsoft Translator, if accessing the web service fails.
  • Bug fix processing translations returned by the Microsoft Translator.
  • Additional error checking before showing contents of the controls database.
  • Bug fix removing unused string-IDs.
  • Bug fix querying registry strings.
  • Disable +- button when no project is selected.
  • Check for error after showing the datalink dialog for the controls database.
5 September 2011
  • Proxy example text changed (http:// removed from the string)
  • Logic to generate the function ml_UpdateControls changed, so that MLHIDE is added if the property name contains a string (as an index into a collection)
  • Default value of option to prevent using empty strings in ml_UpdateControls change to selected.
  • Suppress error registering WinHTTP.dll during the installation. Attempting to register this file fails under Windows 7.
9 December 2010
  • Attempt to fix a Null Reference exception.
8 December 2010
  • Minor fix to logic in translation memory dialog for strings containing no words.
  • Attempt to fix a database access problem on Turkish systems.
24 July 2010
  • Trivial change to error reporting in GetBooleanAttribute(). The error dialog now shows the SQL statement.
15 March 2010
  • Additional words tab in translation memory dialog repaired.
10 March 2010
  • Modified logic for concatenating multiple texts for translation with the Microsoft Translator.
    The fix in version 6.03.0008 only worked on the controls tab, but broke the logic for the source code tab!
7 March 2010
  • Minor correction to old controls database editor.
17 February 2010
  • Modified logic for concatenating multiple texts for translation with the Microsoft Translator.
11 February 2010
  • Bug fix adding languages to the global database.
9 February 2010
  • Catch errors initialising the soap interface for the Microsoft Translator and disable the feature.
    (An error is generated by the function SoapClient30.MSSoapInit2 if there is no network connection.)
1 February 2010
  • Copy WDSL definition for Microsoft Translation Web Service to target machine and intialise the soap interface from this local file.
  • If the translation limit is hit during online translation, quit the operation (rather than showing the same message box over and over again).
24 November 2009
  • Option to indicate the status of each translation with the background colour in the excel export.
22 November 2009
  • Installation changes, in particular for Windows Vista
    • Admin privileges required
    • Controls database and global database copied to Program Data directory (instead of Program Files)
    • Tutorial programs copied to Common Documents directory
    • Item added to Start Menu with options:
      • Help
      • Open tutorials directory
      • Uninstall
  • Command added to help menu in Add-In to open the tutorials directory
  • SQL in translation memory dialog modified (hopefully faster)
21 November 2009
  • Improved logic for Microsoft Translator. Multiple translations are sent as a single request which improves the performance and avoids a throughput limitation on the server. In an extreme case, the Add-In will delay to avoid performing more than 50 requests per second.
16 November 2009
  • Template file for project database updated (database revision 7).
  • Hard coded selection of Chinese(Simplified) (PRC and Singapore) and Chinese(Traditional) (HK,Macau,Taiwan) for Microsoft Translator.
15 November 2009
  • First version with support for Microsoft Translator.
8 September 2009
  • Minor bug fix in error handling on saving all translations to the global database.
15 July 2008
  • Read Name and Index properties of a control using the CallByName function instead of using the VBControl Properties collection. This may fix a problem with some (badly behaved?) controls.
  • Function to check the version of the controls database was previously called on initialising the Add-In, but not if you changed the path to the controls database. This function is now called whenever the controls database is opened.
27 June 2008
  • New handling of empty strings in the controls grid. The previous version allowed you to select a property with an empty string for translation, but did not assign a string ID to it. This led to several errors, in particular in the Excel export. (Note, that empty strings are usually ignored anyway, but that you can change this behaviour in the options dialog.)
14 June 2008
  • New context menus on check boxes and sun/moon icons (similar to the context menus in the .NET version).
11 June 2008
  • Modification to the format of the global database, for compatibility with the Add-In version for .NET. Specifically, a new field IetfLanguageTag has been added to the Languages table.
  • Check box added to the (Program) Error dialog to suppress further errors during a scan. The errors are now written to the errors grid.
  • Large list box to select languages in the Add-Language and Original-Language dialogs (instead of a drop down list).
  • New field in the Translation Memory dialog to enter additional words to search for in the global database.
24 March 2008
  • Localization fixed in Substitute Assistant
22 February 2008
  • Minor modifications to file handling on exporting the resource file.
14 February 2008
  • Bug fix changing the identity of language in a project, e.g. changing German(Germany) to German(Austria).
August 2006
  • The definition of an Array Property in the controls database may now specify a fixed array size, instead of having to specify a property from which to read the array size.
July 2006
  • Options to ignore empty strings added
May 2006
  • Translation Memory Dialog
19.March 2006
  • Quick restore from project database
  • Filter using regular expressions
5.January 2006
  • Structured 3-Worksheet Excel Export
26.October 2004
  • When you select the font for a given language, you can now select the font size as well.
  • The font selected for the language which is the original language of the project is now used in the 'current text' column.
2.May 2004
  • a new Runtime Support Wizard to replace the old runtime support dialogs
  • New options on the runtime support menu to
    • store stings to resources quickly
    • update the ml_UpdateControls() functions quickly
  • Excel export now only exports strings which are actually used in the project. Strings in ignored components and properties which are not selected for translation, are not exported.
  • During the source code scan, the Add-In no longer searches for existing translations of strings which are not selected for translation, which should speed up the scan (a little). The Add-In now searches for existing translations when a string is selected for translation.
  • Quick preview of forms in alternative languages
  • Individually select properties of controls for translation
  • Specify that a component (form, usercontrol, ...) does not require translation
  • User interface now French, as well as English and German
December 2003
  • The Global Translations Database
  • Undo Function
  • Import Translations for Components copied from another project
  • Advanced copy
  • Edit original projects texts in Multi-Language grid
  • Quick copy to and from original text
  • Drop down menus in toolbar
  • If a string starts with an apostrophe, then double it before exporting to Excel. This is necessary, because a leading apostrophe has a special meaning for Excel.
21.June 2003
  • Fix to the problem that the Add-In window apparently disappears if you undock it, minimize it via the context menu on the window's title bar and then close and restart VB.
26.May 2003
  • Missing translations are shown with a light yellow background.
  • New context menu command "Go to next missing translation". Initially, this is only on non-language columns.
6.March 2003
  • New option "Include original strings in ml_UpdateControls()".
14.November 2002
  • Occasional error parsing continuation lines corrected.
  • MDIForm_Load and MDIForm_Unload generated for MDI forms, instead of Form_Load and Form_Unload
  • Context menu item in Controls Tab "Remove Translation" for unwanted translations of empty strings.
5.November 2002
  • The AddIn now closes designer windows that it opens, unless they were open already. (These windows are usually invisible). This measure should prevent an Out-of-Memory error when scanning very large projects.
6.October 2002
  • Diagnostic function "Scan with log file" added to context menu
  • C++ components MlRuntime.dll, MlSupport.dll and MlResUtil.dll compiled with "Minimum dependencies", so that they no longer require ATL.DLL.
27.July 2002
  • Context menu feature "Select non hidden strings for translation" added.
  • Support for importing unknown String IDs from an Excel file added.
26.June 2002
  • Search function added.
11.June 2002
  • New option in setup dialog "Add-In remembers if window was visible".
9.June 2002
  • Support for hidden lines with the comment MLHIDE added.
9.March 2002
  • New Controls Database Editor with class browser capability.
  • Enter the Controls Database Editor directly from the Errors Tab.
4 December 2001
  • Multi-Line editing of strings enabled in Controls Tab.
27. November 2001
  • Goto Line Button added
  • Menu items added to the context menu, to copy the 'current text's to all languages, for all texts, or limited to the current component or to the currently selected text. This menu item is only available in non-language columns.
28. October 2001
  • Property type attribute added to controls database, to differentiate between normal, font name and numeric properties.
  • Project properties dialog added, to enable the use of font name properties (and numeric properties) in a project.
  • Select font dialog added.
  • Handling of resource strings when running in the VB debugger fixed.
  • Copy current texts to language, limited to a single form or user control, added to context menu.
30. September 2001
  • Language specific font can be selected via context menu. Default font corrected for Korean and Chinese.
11. September 2001
  • Support for non western character sets.
    The Add-In can now manage non western character sets. Texts can be entered under any version of Windows 2000 after installing the appropriate Locale and Input-Method-Editor.
  • New database format.
    A new database format is required to support non western character sets. Existing project databases are converted automatically.
  • MDAC 2.5 required.
    The Microsoft Data Access Kit (MDAC) 2.5 is now required.
  • Excel Import/Export, The Excel Import/Export Dialog.
  • Correction to recognition of control arrays in the Cleanup Project Database Dialog.
30 June 2001
  • Bug fix for identical strings used in multiple controls. In some cases strings were shown in the table, but not actually stored in the project database.
  • Cleanup database dialog added.
  • On exporting resource strings, only strings which are actually used are exported.
  • Slight performance improvement on scanning source code.
27 May 2001
  • Datatypes in template project database changed to allow strings longer than 255 characters
  • Optional String ID column added to the controls tab. This can be enabled using the setup dialog.
  • Internal separation between string IDs used in the source code and for the properties of controls removed. The same ID can now be used in a property and anywhere in the source code.
  • Automatically use the same ID for locations with the same text, e.g. multiple OK and Cancel buttons.
  • Multiple Usage Dialog shown when a text is edited, which at multiple locations in the project.
  • Select String ID dialog added via context menu.
  • Add-In associates properties in controls with imported String IDs when it initialises a project by importing resource strings.
24 May 2001
  • New Initialise Project Dialog is shown instead of the Original Language Dialog when the Add-In detects a resource file in the project.
  • On exporting resource strings, if the VB resource editor is open, then it is automatically closed and reopened afterwards.
  • Error correction in Resource Import.
20 May 2001
  • Ability to import and export resource strings added.
  • Runtime support for reading resource strings added.
  • Controls Tab organised into Forms, UserControls etc. and sorted alphabetically.
  • Debug.Print treated as a comment.
  • Language selection from a list of Standard Windows Locales.
1 May 2001
  • Compile Single Language Version Dialog added.
  • Select Project or Rescan Project dialogs shown when Multi-Language is selected from the Add-Ins menu.
  • Select Original Language dialog added, instead of showing the Add Language dialog with features disabled.
23 March 2001
  • Dependency file for runtime support component MLRuntime.dep added.
18 March 2001
  • Import function added for Controls Database.
11 March 2001
  • First version

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