Multi-Language Add-In for VB6

Multi-Language Add-In for VB6

Does it work on all computers in all countries?

I have downloaded the product and will try it out. I need to display Traditional Chinese characters in VB6. The application will be intended for Chinese users, who can be anywhere in the world using any locale. So while I can test it on my English Windows XP machine, I would like to know if it will display Chinese correctly all any computer using any locale. Thanks.

Displaying Chinese characters in VB6 is always tricky. I have tried to explain the difficulties and how to get around them in this article. (I'm not sure that the screenshots in the article are really up to date.)

Basically, if you open the regional settings in the control panel and set the "Langauge for non-Unicode programs" to Chinese, then everything should work fine. Otherwise, you won't see Chinese characters in some VB controls or in particular in menus.

There may be other ways around this problem, but this is the most straight forward.

This setting will work on any version of XP and is independent of the locale.

The system continues to work normally in English (or other western languages), but it won't display other far eastern languages correctly. For example, you can't show Chinese and Korean at the same time.

Almost all 3rd party ActiveX controls will work fine without this setting. It's only the built-in controls which cause problems.