Multi-Language Add-In for VB6

Multi-Language Add-In for VB6

Altered behaviour of Microsoft Translator


The Multi-Language Add-In concatenates multiple texts into a single string for translation with the Microsoft Translator.

Up to now, it has simply placed a <p> tag between the texts, for example text1<p>text2<p>text3. The Microsoft Translator translates the texts individually, and returns the translations in exactly the same format. The Add-In then breaks the returned string up, using <p> as a separator.

Today I noticed, that the last translation of a block had a lot of </p> tags at the end of the string.

It seems that the behaviour of the Microsoft Translator has been changed, to that it adds closing </p> tags, even if they are not present in the original string. Thus text1<p>text2<p>text3 becomes text1<p>text2<p>text3</p></p>.

I have fixed this in version 6.03.0008, by wrapping each separate text in <p> and </p> tags.